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Funded Activities

Through a initial grant from FCDO, the SRF will finance several projects within the Sahel region



Funded activities

Three multi-country consortia supported through predictable, flexible and long-term funding: The SRF finance three consortia composed of leading INGOs and national/local partners that can deliver demand-driven humanitarian response and offering substantial and relevant technical and geographical complementarities (Duration: 35 months)

Catalytic window: SRF will finance action research and a regional coordination network with a view to catalyzing the improvement of humanitarian response in the region:

Sectors/thematic areas of intervention

SRF will enable the most vulnerable conflict and displaced affected people to have their basic needs through

The expected minimum assistance package provided by partners will incorporate:

Geographic implementation

The SRF geographic focus is Liptako Gourma (LG), Lake Chad Basin (LCB), South-Western Niger (SW Niger) in the Maradi region and Eastern Chad.

All locations are under-resourced hard-to-reach conflict affected, which face challenges coping with the influx of conflict-affected and displaced people. The SRF could later expand its geographical focus.