The projects

Support to NGO Fora & members

ICVA initiative to support NGO Fora and members in West and Central Africa region


Period of implementation : March 2023 / August 2025

Total budget : 330.000 GBP

Project summary : The ICVA project aims at supporting a more efficient, effective, and equitable delivery of principled humanitarian response to the most vulnerable in the region through improved coordination, knowledge/experience sharing and advocacy of the NGO community (NGO Fora and members) towards key stakeholders, facilitated by the reinforced presence of ICVA in Dakar.   

In line with Sahel Regional Fund strategy and commitments, ICVA intends to play a key role on improving knowledge, coordination, and advocacy, at all levels, on these topics, especially considering its own institutional focus – Humanitarian coordination, Humanitarian Financing and Forced displacement – and current mainstreaming themes – Climate change adaptation, Gender and Prevention of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA), Localisation –. It will directly participate, facilitate and/or support any common initiatives - research, training, etc. – on those issues.   

Based on the identification of needs performed with the NGO fora and their members, ICVA will work to enhance the partnership providing relevant services.  The overall idea is to enhance the capacity of the NGO Fora and their members, both at an internal level (within the members) and externally towards their various audience such as policy makers, government officials, UN and donors.  

 The program thus, is structured in two main pillars:   

  1. NGO Fora and members have increased their capacity to promote principled and effective humanitarian action in the targeted area.   
  2. NGO Fora and members have enhanced their ability to influence humanitarian policy dialogue at all national, regional, and global - levels.  

These two outcomes will be achieved through specific outputs and an array of activities which span across the following :   

 These outcomes are related activities to ICVA global focus and are directly in line with the SRF strategy.